Looking for a cheap yet reliable best treadmills for home? Do you want the best treadmill to support all your fitness and health related needs? Why don’t you consider buying sole treadmill? Read further on this article and discover the main pros and cons of sole treadmill. Think that sole treadmill is one the best treadmills present on the market right now? Be your own judge; see this treadmill review after the jump!

  1. Heavy duty parts and commercial grade materials – the manufacturer Sole uses commercial grade materials to all their products which will give you enough reliable and dependability for the treadmill to last longer. Sole treadmill entails heavy duty flywheels for the machine to run cooler, large rollers for tough support and copper grounded wires to reduce static. Most of the parts are also heavy duty as well as the overall construction of the machine.
  2. Quiet operation and strong decks – Sole uses their very own patented technology called Whisper Deck which is actually quieter compared to standard cheap treadmills using its Phenolic coated decks. Decks are also well built for performance; it can take strong pounds and can accommodate heavy users without wobbling. Note that best treadmills should always be built considering the weight of the user, cheap knockoffs on the other hand will be busted easily after several use.
  3. Reliable folding treadmills– one of the best features most consumers enjoy with Sole treadmills are their folding machines. Compared to other brands, folding treadmills of Sole are more stable and secured. The manufacturer uses double horseshoe folding frame that gives strong hold and sturdy frame whilst maintaining its top flexibility.

Overall, Sole treadmills are economical fitness equipments built to perform robustly even on toughest conditions. However, bear in mind that cheap treadmills or their economy models don’t come with lifetime warranty and this is one the drawbacks you need to consider when looking for best treadmills.


Best Sole Treadmill Review – Sole F80



Labeled as the best folding treadmill on the market today, the Sole f80 has a safety lock deck and a solid base giving your treadmill stability and making you feel secure while running. The treadmill folds and unfolds easily for storage and use. One of the greatest features of the Sole f80 is the warranty and of course the price. It is one of the most affordable folding treadmills that you will find today.see more at  http://www.bestcardiomachines.org/treadmill-machines/


  • ProgramsThe Sole f80 has six auto programs in addition to two user defined programs enabling the runner to customize their own workout. Included is a chest strap with two different heart rate programs that allows you to optimize your workout.
  • Compact Design The Sole f80 folds easily for simple storage. It is lightweight and can be moved quickly and easily. The machine has a feature that assists in folding and unfolding the machine with ease.
  • QuietThis treadmill is one of the first of the folding treadmills to offer the Cushion Flex whisper deck. It reduces the noise created when running on the deck. It also gives runners a softer running surface making it easier to run longer and further.
  • ElectronicsThe Sole f80 has some of the best electronic features found in folding treadmills. The colourful and vivid console allows you to see the distance traveled, heart rate, calories burned and a time display all in one place. On this treadmill you will also find a graph indicating upcoming peaks and valleys in your program.

Best Sole Treadmill Reviews – Sole F83


In the category of folding treadmills, the Sole F85 is one of the best. With a 3.5 horsepower motor and sleek design this treadmill gives runners a fantastic workout. What’s most surprising about this treadmill is how quiet it is. You would think with a large motor there would be more noise when working out but you can hardly notice the treadmill is being used. There are a number of set programs on this machine but there are also options for customizing your workout. This model of treadmill was recently purchased by Hilton Hotels for all of their gyms.

Best Treadmill Reviews – Sole F83 Features:


  • WarrantyThis treadmill comes with one of the best warranties of all treadmills on the market. It has a lifetime warranty in on the motor, the frame and the deck. It also has a five year warranty on the electronics and finally there is a two year warranty on the belt and rollers.
  • FeaturesUnlike most other treadmills the Sole F85 has speakers built into the treadmill with an additional MP3 dock that can hold your iPod. This is great when working out; you can go for a great run while you listen to your music.
  • Heart Control FeaturesThere are three different heart control programs on the Sole F85. The treadmill is able to automatically detect your heart rate and will adjust the incline for an optimal workout. When you enter your information the treadmill will create a workout that is based on your age, weight and height.